Why Some People Should Seek the Truth

Indeed, some of us should while the others are restfully aware of their own situation and know perfectly well where they going to be in 5 or more years’ time. The rest of those who have no idea or who would have no other choice should break themselves free from stupor and mindless ways and recreate themselves anew or perhaps look at themselves and their lives as the ultimate haven and remain where they are, if only to confirm that the place where they belong is the right one. And nothing else. Why some seek amazement and thrill, those peaceful at heart seek understanding, but not by employing a logical and empirical approach, just the attitude of a person that feels. Some analytical minds would be far from approaching things this way but then why not try something else if you followed logic all your life, pushing that feeling down the drain, just hiding basically behind the facade of the introvert. Perhaps a drastic makeover would be a game changer for you resinstalling the new feeling inside of you, some deeply inexorable freedom from ego, which would count as quite an achievement. For those who wander aimlessly they would need a sort of the structured approach to their life and quest for meaning. But perhaps calling that search a quest is a total misunderstanding as we do not need to seek what we already have. Perhaps all you sought was always there but you failed to see thatclearly, lost in thoughts of a better life and a change for the better. But instead of the better you have found the different, and yet you returned subconsciously to the same routine you followed before, despite the changed circumstances. That only means you have not changed one bit, only aged, and your ways have done the same, grow some more into your core, resestablished their presence, kicking out the old ones. So you have now made a U turn and you exactly where you were before.

Understand This Is The Dream Only

The time is to sleep, but you would like to make a change perhaps again. Why would you want that anyway? You already have what you have been looking for and any quest is just deluding yourself, picking up old toys is what you are looking for. You looked for the world to work somehow better around you to make You feel better, but you felt no better when the world danced to your pipe dream, you felt very much the same about that. You have not moved an inch and the quest turned out to be much of an illusion. But those things you broke in your dream were broken for real, while you were living a lie those hurts inflicted on the others were painful enough. You inflicted enough pain by living a lie, so it is time to finish that and break the panel glass and return to where you belong.