Using Social Media for Your Business

For a small business, marketing your products and services can be a very difficult experience with all the costs and technicalities involved. However, using social media is showing to be promising as what other businesses have done and succeeded. You can also use it to your advantage. Here are a couple of tips to get your business started using social media to give it that helpful boost.

Sneak Peek

If you are planning to launch a new product line or new kinds of services, you can post pictures on your social network page and ask for feedback from your customers. This can help build up demand and provide important feedback to help you when you launch your product. Even if your customer base is small, if the customers choose to share it with their friends, you can be assured that you will be able to create hype for it without any unnecessary expenses.

Share Your Expertise

There’s a huge chance that your company products won’t go viral immediately. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with it and you can’t do anything else to boost your popularity. You can share other knowledge you gained with your company. For example, if your business is about cake decorating, you can share some short videos about how amateurs can bake and design simple cakes. This way, you’re reaching out to a small niche of interested bakers who want to learn cake baking, but want to learn by themselves first. It will be a very useful marketing tool for you as you market more complicated forms of cake designs or something like that.

Strut Your Stuff

Keep in mind that social media is not only limited to blog posts and pictures, but it also includes videos and other forms of media. You can use all these forms to show what your company does aside from business. For instance, you can show visitors to your website about charity events that your business does. It can be other forms as well, like using print media or simply posting in forums about topics related to your business.

Be Nice

It can be very easy to start name-calling over the internet. It starts with something simple like terrible service provided by another company or by a person whom you may have worked in the past. This might be true, but saying it over the internet can easily translate to slander or libel and you could end up with a hefty fine over your head and damage your business’ reputation in the process. To be safe, just steer clear of name-calling and avoid ranting of any kind.

Genuine Interaction

Simply creating a social network profile page or a website about your business doesn’t mean the end of your marketing. There is also the matter of responding to all of your customer’s comments – genuinely. It can get daunting with the number of customers you have, but keeping them in the loop and conversing with them will let them feel that they are indeed part of a company that takes things personally – in a good way. It’s a good way to take care of your existing customers and show your potential ones that you know what you are doing and you know how to keep your customers happy.

Create Networks

For small businesses, there are a lot of networks available on the internet that may be related in one way or another. For example, if your business is about flowers and landscaping, then you might have a partner company that handles your delivery needs. You can include them in your list of networks and vice versa. This creates a network for your businesses at the same time markets your business for no cost at all.

Take Advantage of Blogs

When people think blogs, they immediately think about lengthy word entries that use impeccable English and are worthy enough to be in English books. However, there are many kinds of blogs which you can use from, or you can use all types even. For starters, you can use traditional blogs that describe something in detail. It can be about your company, a new product, or a typical day in your company. Another type is called podcasting which involves recording audio tracks like a talk show or an interview and uploading it on your website so that users can download it and listen to it when they have time. The third and last method of blogging is called microblogging which involves using 140 characters or less. This simply involves talking about something in small details or simply cracking jokes about your company or a topic (make sure to keep it clean).

Help Employees Out

Using social media, you can help your company employees create bonds even if they are working in different locations or different departments. There are lots of available free tools out there to help collaboration among employees on the same network. In fact, large companies even have their own version of a social network site to help their employees feel comfortable at work and help them meet new people in the workplace. Of course, they could also use this to share information or data with other co-workers.

From another Perspective

You can easily search on the internet what people are talking about your business. Social networking sites offer very rich information about your reputation. You can use this to your advantage and take what customers want your business to change and make it more welcoming for them to rake them in and show them that you take care of customers in many ways, not just in selling your products.

In fact, many business owners make service more personal when they address business concerns personally. They send personal messages or offer to resolve disgruntled customers’ opinions immediately when they post it online. Keep in mind though that you can’t please everyone and even if you break your back accommodating customer’s needs, it might not translate to a good review.

Find a Healthy Mix

If your social networking profile page looks more like an advertisement instead of an informative page, it will immediately turn customers away. Finding a healthy balance between advertisements and information regarding your business is very crucial in ensuring customers keep coming back for more.

Build a Community

By including a customer forum on your website or social network profile, you can enhance your customer service while building a community. For example, if your business is about garden tools or equipment, you can include in the forums about gardening tips for customers to share their expertise or knowledge. This will generate frequent visitors while promoting the use of your products for their gardening needs.

There are countless opportunities for you to use social media in your business. It can be something simple like answering queries from potential customers or even more complex like hosting forums and participating in other similar website’s forums. Just make sure that you don’t step on any toes while you are promoting your website and you take care of your customers even after they have made the purchase.