The Headache That is North Korea

North Korea saying that it would wage war against the imperialistic and masterminding United States is nothing new. They have been at it since the end of fighting in the Korean War. But the latest announcements from the isolated communist country should be taken more seriously. The bad news is that they are developing nuclear capability.

North Korean Nuclear Capability

A North Korea armed with nuclear capability would be a threat to its neighbours. But a North Korea with an ICBM with a nuclear warhead in its arsenal is the greatest threat to a democratic world. Why is that so?

First of all, the country has isolated itself from the rest of the world. More than any other country in modern times, it has managed to isolate its territory and its population from other countries. The only other country that it has significant connections and ties with is China. Now, even the Chinese are being forced to admit that they are sometimes just as clueless about the moves of their neighbour.

A North Korea armed with nuclear weapons can mean a very serious threat to its mortal enemy, South Korea. They can target Seoul with nuclear devices just as they have targeted the estranged sister country for decades with conventional weapons. Seoul which sites precariously close on the border between the two countries presents an inviting target, should the fighting begin. After all, the two countries are technically still at war.

But when North Korea is able to develop missile technology that could carry nuclear warheads then that means a big change in the game. While it would not be likely that they could develop a technology for missiles that could reach continental United States, it is perfectly conceivable for them to develop a technology that could reach Japan or even just Hawaii.

They have been able to detonate nuclear devices. That doesn’t equate to having a nuclear weapon that can practically be used, but that’s serious step forward. It is only a matter of time before they would be able to develop the technology so it can be loaded on to a missile warhead. The delivery system doesn’t even have to be a missile. It could be a truck, a plane piloted by willing martyrs.

What it Means?

A nuclear armed North Korea is really not acceptable and the United States and other countries should act now. Failure to do something might mean seeing a bigger problem. While other countries have developed Nuclear weapons technology despite the agreement on non-proliferation, those counties such as Pakistan and Israel can be counted on to behave with some semblance of reason. They use it mostly as a deterrent. They know the consequences of detonating a nuclear weapon during a conflict can be catastrophic.

The Headache That is North Korea

North Korea is something different. This is a country that has been run by a family for decades. Their leaders have concocted lies and tales which the population is taking in. You just never know if they might be crazy enough to use their nukes when the shooting starts.