The Benefits of Homemade Organic Pesticide

Are you constantly bothered by the insects that keep on devouring and damaging the fruits and vegetables in your farm? Pesticides can be the best solution in getting rid of these pests that keep on coming back every time you are growing your crops. There are two types of insecticides that you can use when eliminating these voracious eaters at your field. Organic and conventional pesticides are the two options for farmers. Both are available to gardener-hobbyists who are battling these small but terrible creatures. For people who are pro-life and after quality and healthy lifestyle, the former would be the best choice-organic pesticides.

It Is the Solution

Organic pesticides focus on providing solutions and relief from various types of insects that causes massive damages to the plants being grown in a farm. These products are made of natural materials that have properties of killing or keeping out pests from within the range of your planted field. Unlike the conventional pesticides that rely on convenience, these do require time and preparation in order to put up a successful battle.

Readily Available

There are many natural solutions that you can make. You can source them out from the common things that you can see in your kitchen, at the grocery, and almost anywhere without compromising your health with chemicals. You can use vinegar mixed with parts of water on your crop which comes much cheaper than your leading brands of pesticides in the market today. The vinegar spray can be acidic and provide a place where most bugs and insects would not thrive. In short, they would look for other places as your farm would not be suitable for them to live, breed, and eat. These can save you lots of money that you can use on other things. You can avoid the common mistake of farmers that burn their cash on pesticides that do not only strengthens the immunity of the insects to such chemicals in the long run but also includes risks to the human body. Tobacco or nicotine spray can also be used on your crops to get rid of pests that bother and consume about 80% of the fruits or vegetables that you grow. All you need is a cup of tobacco and a gallon of water mixed together and sprayed all over the place. You can increase the ratio based on the area you are going to work on.

Below are some of the notable advantages you will gain from having homemade organic pesticides:

  • Inexpensive – making your own pesticides does have the advantage of paying for less while getting the best. Most of the solutions for these anti-pests sprays that can be done at home are much cheaper than those that can be bought at organic gardens, stores, and online shops.
  • Risk-free – by knowing the ingredients of your homemade pesticide solution, you are making sure that there are no harmful mixtures that can cause harm to you, your animals, crops, and your family.
  • Non-Toxin – all of the organic solutions do not use substances that contain toxins as these are all-natural, human and animal health friendly.