Should Women be Allowed to work in an All-Male Corrections Facility

It has often been a huge debate since women started working, are there some jobs that women just should not do? One of the jobs that this particular question gets asked about is, ìShould women be allowed to work as correction officers within an all-male facility? Some people think that it shouldnít be allowed, but if that were to happen, would it really be fair to the women that worked hard to get into these positions?

Arguments Against Women Being Correctional Officers in an All-Male Facility

The first argument that is generally used against women being allowed to work as correction officers within an all-male facility is, ìItís too dangerous.î This is a very true statement. It is extremely dangerous for women to work within an all-male correctional facility, but it is also just as dangerous for the male correctional officers. They all go into the job with the understand of what can happen within the facility, and men and women are both trained to handle these situations.

Personally, it would be unconstitutional for women to not be allowed to work within these facilities, but I do agree that there should be some stipulations in which the conditions that they work in. However, I do not feel that they should be banned from working in the facility just because they are women. I have known a lot of women that could hold their own in the toughest of situations, and it is women like these that are perfect for these types of jobs.

Women Have the Right to Choose Where They Want to Work

Women are just like men. When applying for a job, they know the risks that are involved and the rewards. Some women donít have the experience to get into any other type of profession, and it would be wrong to keep them from doing a job that they can do if they are willing to try. They get the same training as the men, and they should be allowed to do this job regardless of their gender.

Safety Measure that Should be Put in Place in Male Correctional Facilities

Although women that take this type of job do so willingly, it is imperative that these facilities take the proper measure to make sure that they are working in safe conditions. I feel that there should be some places that women should not go within an all-male correctional facility, because if they do it would merely cause more problems than it would solve.

However that does not mean that women should not be allowed to be correctional officers in these types of facilities, it just means that the wardens and directors of the facilities need to have safety measures in place to help make sure that they can still work in as safe as an environment as they can within a correctional facility. Women should never be in a housing unit alone. Women should never escort inmates to the showers. There are plenty of jobs to go around for correctional officers in a prison, and they should be placed in the safest situations that they can be.