How Do You Recognize If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Bullying is one thing that has been around since humans roamed the Earth. It has changed throughout history, but it has always been present. Often timeís parents do not realize that their child is being bullied, and it can cause serious issues with their child. Most of the times when grown-ups see kids being mean to other kids, their first reaction is, ìOh, thatís just kids being kids. Let them be. Theyíll work it out on their own.î This may be the truth in some cases, but it does not always happen that way.

Parents need to be more involved in todayís society when it comes to bullying, because bullying does not always mean that their child is being threatened with physical harm. Iím going to talk to you a little about the different signs to look for in your child if they are being physically or emotionally bullied. Bullying is a serious matter, and with how often it is done, parents need to take a stand to make sure that their child is not being bullied.

Signs of a Child Being Physically Bullied

It is a lot easier to see when a child is being physically bullied, because they will often have scrapes or bruises that they cannot account for. While other things could be the cause of this, bullying is a major cause for children to become withdrawn both socially and mentally from the world around them. Everyone has seen a bully in their lifetime, and most of us have been bullied physically in some matter. Weíve all seen kids push and tease other kids for various reasons, but most adults donít look at this as a serious matter until the bullying has been taken too far.

A few signs to watch out for in the category of physical bullying are: Is your child more withdrawn from other children than they use to be? Have you noticed that youíre child has bruises on their body and when confronted about them are given vague reasoningís behind what happened? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then youíre child may be a victim of physical bullying.

Signs of a Child being Emotionally Bullied

Physical bullying is easier to see and notice than emotional bullying. Thanks to technology, your child could be bullied at any time during the day or even at night with a mere click of a mouse or text on a phone. This type of bullying is often seen more to females than males, but males can also be emotionally bullied. A major flag to let you know that your child is being emotionally bullied is by watching their mood socially. If your child is usually very socially active with friends and that suddenly stops wanting to interact with them, this could be a sign that your child is being emotionally bullied.

Some of the Effects of Bullying on a Child

Every child is different, and every child reacts to being bullied differently. The effects of bullying can vary from child to child. Some children just brush it off, and it doesnít ever have a lasting effect on them. However in some of the more serious cases, children that were being bullied emotionally or physically have actually attempted or even committed suicide. Therefore, it is imperative that you, as a parent, recognize that your child is being bullied and take action on it immediately in order to prevent any type of physical or emotional harm to your child.