Begin with Yourself

Some say that instead of meditating your life away, you should be among people and by interacting move closer to open your heart and be more vulnerable and perceptive of people. However, your very core will remain unchanged even when you come to strongly believe it is not the case, that among people, you rediscover some strength, but that could not be further from the truth. That strength alone cannot be sufficient to help you move through life. When you attempt to question yourself that is when all the trouble begins. Same with the other people, learn to question what you see and how you experience them on a day to day basis.

Love Yourself

The feeling of empathy and kindness sent into the world bring back an intensified response from people, perhaps more positive than ever. By accumulating positive emotions we are more likely to diminish stress felt so acutely in our life and respond more accurately to those triggers that normally send us into the panic mode. Becoming more aware and enlightened even would be the way to go, but very few people are able to obtain that kind of blessing and heal. Any suffering, that pain, is beyond understanding, much of it often inflicted on ourselves as some punishment that we need to suffer at our own hands for any misdeeds and misbehaviors. Or, we would prefer to turn our black thoughts towards the other people to suffer enough to make them feel our pain. Depending on the perspective, you could obtain various types of explanations, coming from various practitioners, thus suffering could be classified as a typical depression in clinical terms, existential pain in the philosophical outlook or inner struggles. The aim is to end all suffering, that is what Buddha says, but that takes a long and winding road one needs to take to reach some point. That is the problem with many a solution, with followers wishing to obtain a particular outcome, wishing to be enlightened and live their life differently than the others. However that is not the reason to follow the road that is less traveled.

Continue to continue

Mindful life instead of mindless is a life worth living, it is a conscious life with its worts and all. But it takes continuous and sustained effort to make a breakthrough, which you can actually overlook as it is nothing short of being tiny and inexplicably irrelevant, but then, it becomes a roof window, which shows you more and more of the starry sky, till the whole of it is revealed in its full glory and the vast space opens up for you to admire in awe. It could be nothing more than flashes of light or some shivers sent down your spine, but practice is what it takes to experience those feelings in full.